Wednesday, September 22, 2010

IB Enters Hawaii Five-0 Theme Song Contest

What started as a personal idea turned into a community building project that the IB community could be proud of. All of the Independence Regional Library staff along with volunteers, patrons, our local response area police officers and the teen band, Rinsen, contributed to make the video. Even though making a live action video was something new to me, it gave me the opportunity to learn by doing. I spent many hours of personal time shooting the environmental and vehicle clips, learning to use the video editing software and creating and editing the 30 second entry. It really was a team effort and it shows in the video.

The “director’s cut” of the video shows all of the participants and includes credits of everyone’s efforts both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

When the entry was posted on the CBS website for voting, the sound seems to drop and the video stops 9 seconds before the end. So I posted it on YouTube so that voters could see the video the way it was sent in. rapierson posted the link in the comments section of the CBS site so that voters could see the full video without the technical difficulties.

To vote for this video in the contest go to: . Voting begins after 3PM EST on Thursday Sept. 16, 2010 until 3PM EST Sept. 23, 2010. This is for the top five videos. Return to the CBS link on Thursday, Sept. 23 after 3PM EST to vote for IB again. The winner will be announced on Thursday Sept. 30. You can vote more than once for the video. Just refresh the web browser and retype the word verification and vote. Every vote counts!

If Independence is fortunate and the public votes for IB’s video entry, the branch will receive an autographed surf board from the cast of the new Hawaii Five-0. We hope to put it in our recently dedicated teen area, now called “The Zone”. All participants will get their picture taken with the surf board as a thank you for participating in the project.


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