Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thing 24: Zamzar File Conversions

I took one of my word processing documents (size 7.1 MB) and converted the file to .pdf using the file conversion tool, Zamzar. It was very easy to follow. No complicated instructions needed.

I tested it by sending it to my Yahoo, Google, and MS Outlook mail accounts to see which one would get it the fastest. It took several minutes for them to show up. And the the stats look like this:
1. Yahoo Mail - I sent it to this one first.
2. Google Mail - I sent it to this one second.
3. MS Outlook - I sent it to this one third.
From this little test it looks like that no email provider has an advantage over the other with Zamzar.

It looks especially useful for converting PR fliers for programs into .pdf for distribution.

I've already used it with one library patron. He was desperate to print out a portfolio he had created but the library didn't have the same software he had. He was so impressed he offered to buy me lunch! Needless to say, Zamzar rocks!



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