Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thing 38: Comic Generators


After browsing several comic generators for library related strips, I came across two that I enjoyed. The first was Shelf Check #254 by Poseygalore on After just coming down from the summer reading marathon, I can really appreciate it. The second one I enjoyed was from StripGenerator. It's called "Whoa there, We got ourselves a Reader!" Great fun.

Next I signed up on ToonDoo to create a comic of my own. I called it Wonderland after Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I took four photos and uploaded them to Flickr. Then I took the small size and uploaded it to ToonDoo using the ImaginR feature. The images appeared and you could crop just the part of the picture you wanted. You could also resize it. After you name and save, it's saved in your photo gallery for use. What took me the longest was choosing what background I was going to use that wouldn't clash with the photos. After that it was a snap to add the speech balloons. You can choose from several types and you can resize the balloons and even what direction they are oriented by dragging the mouse in the direction you want it to go.

I have had a few patrons with student assignments asking them to create a comic strip. Now I can offer them something that looks really snappy and it's fun to use. I can also use it to create fun publicity for programming. Another item for the Web 2.0 toolbox.


ToonDudette said...

Hi there,

Thanks for blogging about us! We're happy to know that you're going to recommend ToonDoo for student assignments!

If you have any suggestions for us, anything that would enhance your ToonDoo experience, please do write in to us at toondudette (at) toondoo dot com. We would love to hear from you!

Have fun at ToonDoo!

ToonDudette from

Anonymous said...

Hi Toondudette,
Thanks for offering a great and easy to use service. Most students have that 'deer in the headlights' look when they encounter something that is outside of their comfort zone. Things like ToonDoo make it manageable for them and even fun!

Most of the time they come in dragging their feet because they think they have to draw it by hand and be embarrassed if they don't draw like the ace student from art class. Now they can show something creative and be proud of it.

I'll pass along suggestions for improvement if I encounter something. Thanks again for a great service!


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