Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thing 37: Music Finders

I tried both suggested music finders, Pandora and Last.FM. I used my current favorite artist, Tiesto. Since trance music is not something regularly heard on local radio stations in my area, I've always surfed the net to find out the latest trends. I enjoyed both music finders and they each featured artists that I had not heard of. I liked that they offered extensive bios and artist cross-references. I could not pick one over the other in terms of better choices but would use both to see what is out there on the trance scene.

There were however a couple of negatives: I did not like that you couldn't hear many of the songs in full on Last.FM, many were just snippets. How do you know if you will like it or not if you can only hear 30 seconds? Pandora only loads one song for you to listen to at a time but at least you get to hear the full song. Overall, I'll use both services in addition to other sources I normally check.


Ed said...

May I suggest

It a search that searches sites that host mp3s and it allows you to build a playlist on the go. It's fun when you are hanging out with folks and they are tossing out song requests.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed, I tested out seeqpod and wow is it awesome! I put together a little play list and put it in the sidebar of my blog. Simple and easy to use. It made looking for tunes very simple and easy to share. Thanks for sharing this great find!


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