Wednesday, July 23, 2008

LOLCat photo becomes famous!

My little LOL cat photo is only 4 days old and has become famous! It has been used in an article in NowPublic, a participatory news network which mobilizes an army of reporters to cover world events. The article is "I can haz lolcode?," by Rob Peters. It covers the efforts by to create a real computer language that is supported on multiple platforms. Enjoy!


Lori Reed said...

Christie congratulations! I love this!

Although right now I am hating cats as it is 11:30pm and one of ours peed on the bed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I'm glad that you liked the photo. I'll have to admit that my love for cats ends if I have to keep them in my house. I grew up with cats but can't tolerate them now. We have a sheltie and she has spoiled me with her love so it would be very hard for a cat to win me back. Now virtual cats on the other hand, I love. No mess, no clean up, and they are so cool to watch!
Thanks for the comment,
Christie :)


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