Thursday, July 17, 2008

SnagFilms - Documentaries Finally Have Distribution

For too long it has been a challenge for creators of documentaries to have access to a distribution network to get their films to the audience that would like to see them. But SnagFilms has changed all of that. You can watch the documentaries for free and you can also place them as a widget on your web page or blog or other places that accept them.

That means that advocacy groups would benefit from the documentaries that support their cause. That also means for libraries, another way to assist patrons with access to non-fiction videos that they might not otherwise have in their collection. These are professionally made documentaries. They are not the garage filmmaker kind that you would find on YouTube. These you will find at the Sundance Film Festival and are produced by the likes of National Geographic, PBS, and IndiePix. SnagFilms is to documentaries as Project Gutenburg is to books. A great resource. Check out Jefferson Graham's article, "SnagFilms gives documentaries an online outlet" in the USAToday for more details.


mpeng said...

There are new films about 9/11. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mpeng for the tip! This is such a great tool for those needing video resources for projects.


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