Monday, July 14, 2008

Thing 29 : Scrapblog - Online Scrapbooking

I have really enjoyed getting to know about Scrapblog. It took me a while because when I read "favorite" books in the exercise description I panicked! I thought--I have so many favorites! So I decided to do the most influential books instead. When I read these 5 classics they influenced everything else that I enjoy reading. I have also posted the scrapblog to Flickr. They are tagged as "scrapblogbooks." There was a slight glitch, when I tried to share/post to Flickr directly from Scrapblog it only seemed to load the first page. So I exported all the slides as .JPGs to my PC and then uploaded them to Flickr. No problem.

I can really see using Scrapblog in many different ways to showcase what the library is doing. What a way to jazz up your branch photos. Also they can be used for PR to showcase a program you want to feature, to commemorate library volunteers, retirees, or staff functions. You could even highlight your trip to ALA or Internet Librarian! They could even be used as prizes for summer reading or any other library contest.
Over all, Scrapblog is a very useful tool.



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