Thursday, August 31, 2006

#8 RSS Feeds & Newsreaders - Bloglines vs. My Yahoo!

Ok-I must admit I spent wayyyy to much time exploring Bloglines and adding many blogs to my account. You give an obsessive compulsive organizer an organizing tool and it's so hard to stop! Just!

I have put together a public Bloglines account for the Questing Librarian. I made some of my blog subscriptions private to test if they would show up in the public account. What is nice is that you can select an entire folder to be marked private. Newsreaders give me a chance to look at a large number of resources on one page without having to go to every site. What a time saver! Now I can cancel all those newsletters I get in my email and I check them in the blog. Hurray!

I've had a My Yahoo! account for about a year now. Both Bloglines and My Yahoo! have features that are useful. But I think that My Yahoo! is more useful if you don't have as many blogs to keep up with. It has some very nice content layout customizations.

Sharing blogrolls is something that is a unique feature of Bloglines. Since My Yahoo! also includes personal content (such as links to your email) I think that is why they don't offer this feature.

The nice thing about newsreaders for libraries is that they can keep up with what their peers are doing to get new ideas. Having a fresh injection of creativity from others is so helpful for many things that libraries do.

I'll try not to get so lost in my explorations next time. Newsreaders rule!


Anonymous said...

How did you get your labels to show at the bottom of each post? I think that is a good way to show others how you tagged your search.

Anonymous said...

In Blogger Beta, in the compose screen of your post at the bottom is a keyword box where you add your labels (also known as tagging or categories in other blogging software). Add your labels there and they will show up under your posts. In your template you can add a labels page element to show up in a side bar of your blog. That way you can quickly go to any of your labels and see all the posts that are linked with that label.


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