Tuesday, September 12, 2006

#13 Del.icio.us : Social Bookmarking with Tags

I have created a Del.icio.us account for the Questing Librarian from my home computer using the Firefox web browser. I have also added PLCMCL2 to my network. Now I can add all those nifty bookmarks that have been piling up and check PLCMCL2's bookmarks too while logged in. I went a step further than just adding a Network Badge. I added a Link Roll which also shows the latest bookmarks I've added to Del.icio.us.

After looking at Del.icio.us I could see the potential for uses by a group. A tagged bookmark list would allow, for instance, staff at a library branch to collectively create a list tagged by topic for easy reference assistance. I used to do a web browser bookmark list for our branch and when we upgraded our computers I was no longer able to update it due to access restrictions. I can think of two ways this could be done with Del.icio.us: 1-If staff all used the same tag for topics then we could pull up the list by tag for homework and reference support or 2-staff could just use a collective account and add bookmarks that way.

I also immediately thought of instructors creating a bookmark list of required reading for a class. Individuals that had accounts could collectively use specific tags for a special interest such as "gaming in libraries" and then everyone in that special interest group that added articles on the topic could collectively see all the articles that used the same tag.

I also noticed when I looked at the PLCMCL2 Del.icio.us list, it seemed that in order to comment you have to have a Del.icio.us account. Over all it looks like a personal web based bookmark list like Yahoo! Bookmarks with the added feature of social searching and linking by tags and users.



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