Friday, September 08, 2006

#12 Rollyo - Rolling a Customized Search Tool

I created an account with Rollyo and rolled two custom searches. VideoGamesInStock will look for video games in all major gaming retailers. I created it to look for new releases. I also rolled a second search called GameBooksInStock. This was designed to check all major retailers and publishers of video game tip books.

I tried to add the Rollyo Searchbox to my sidebar but it never loaded properly. The searchbox would show but all of my search engine selections were listed below the drop box as text. You could not select one to do a search. Very strange. You could do a search using what ever was the first search engine you selected in the list and that was it. I'm not sure how to fix the code to make it work right. Hopefully it will be corrected in an update to either Blogger Beta or Rollyo and I can attempt to add it to my blog at a later point.

I also took a look at fellow L2.0 blogger MarkS and his JazzRecordings custom search. Cool Daddy-O! I would post a comment on his blog but since he does not have a beta account and I do I can't post to his blog yet. Blogger beta says that will be available in a later patch. Oh well. Rock on Mark!

I could also see using this for local resource searches very easily.

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

I was able to cut and paste my rollyo searchbar into my blog. I put the HTML text right near my links.


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